Vim can work with GDB to debug C++ programs. This feature works in Vim version 8.1+. In this blog post, we’ll go through debugging C++ in Vim.

Setting Things Up

You need to load the plugin using the command:

:packadd termdebug

You have to do this every time you want to debug. If you want this to happen automatically, add the command to your .

In .vimrc:

packadd termdebug

The code below is for the sample program that we are going to debug. Open vim and type it. We are going to save it as

in hello.cpp:

We are going to…

A backlit keyboard

Today I aim to make you know more about how a Django project is structured. We’ll start with how to do the initial setup, move on to describing how Django apps look like, talk about the request/response cycle, and templates

Initial Setup

We first have to set up the environment before we can create a Django project. You have to install Python then create a virtual environment. There are several ways of creating a virtual environment. Python 3.x has this functionality inbuilt:

The Python package can do the same thing. …

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